Our philosophy is to teach each child according to his personal needs while being in a social peer level group. Within this setting, each child will explore his natural curiosity by being encouraged to ask questions and experiment within a structure.
Our student-centered curriculum, a combination of individualized learning with competency-based learning, is designed so the students will love learning, learn to the fullest of their own abilities and hence, be emotionally and academically successful.
Personalized learning: Learning is tailored to an individual student’s particular needs, designed to help him thrive and achieve his full potential.
Competency-based Learning: We ensure every student demonstrates mastery of a given subject including the possession, application, or creation of knowledge, a skill or a disposition before moving on to the next one. 
Our classroom  environment allows all class members to meet their learning goals through positive language, guided discovery, facilitates teacher-structured choices and encourages independence, critical thinking, creativity, responsibility and productivity.